Treat the source instead of the symptoms.

Ketamine therapy promotes healthy progression for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. We also provide intramuscular ketamine therapy.


Treat the source instead of the symptoms.
Ketamine infusion therapy promotes healthy progression for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety.

What is ketamine therapy?

Ketamine Therapy is demonstrated as being a safe and effective treatment option for many mental health concerns. Ketamine treatment works to rewire the brain and encourage new healthy synapses in neural pathways. It repairs damaged and unresponsive neurons, actively treating the source of these issues. Traditionally prescribed medications can only work to minimize the symptoms. We also provide intramuscular ketamine therapy.

Ketamine Therapy Texas has quickly become a promising, emerging provider in Ketamine treatment. Ketamine is an ideal solution for treating depression, particularly treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, mood irregularities, OCD, chronic pain, anxiety, and addiction.

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Studies have shown rapid, positive results with ketamine for depression after just a few treatments. Ketamine encourages neuroplasticity for long-lasting results.

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More than 18% of adults in the US are affected by anxiety. Ketamine treatment is ideal for those who have not been able to progress with medication and behavioral therapy.

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Ketamine therapy targets the brain to support a rapid lowering of PTSD symptoms, offering a safe space to explore and release traumatic memories.

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Many patients report almost immediate, positive results from IV ketamine treatment for the cessation of obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors.

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Ketamine helps lessen the effects of withdrawal and enhance psychological benefits. This allows patients to control urges and support steps towards sobriety.

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Suicidal Ideation

Patients report experiencing near-immediate results from ketamine therapy in reducing  suicidal thoughts and impulses and regaining mental clarity while improving outlook.

Why choose Ketamine Therapy Texas as a Ketamine Therapy Texas provider?

Patients choose Ketamine Therapy Texas as their ketamine clinic provider because we are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment that meets each patient’s individual needs. Our clinic is located in the beautiful Conroe, Texas area, providing affordable ketamine infusions to achieve optimal results. Our program, led by Dr. Joe Mattingly a board-certified physician, prioritizes safety, empathy, and professionalism. We are committed to creating cost-effective ketamine treatment plans for patients in Conroe, Woodlands, and the surrounding Houston, TX areas.

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Schedule a comprehensive consultation with our experts to discover how ketamine therapy can support your wellbeing.

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Our board-certified physician will create a ketamine infusion therapy plan that encourages a positive experience and progress towards wellness.

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Ketamine Therapy Texas is located inside the welcoming environment of beautiful Contour Medspa in Conroe, Texas.

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We are committed to providing ketamine therapy at a cost-conscious price to be able to make this treatment available to the surrounding community.


Dr. Joseph Mattingly is a board-certified physician with a special interest in health, fitness, and aesthetics. He looks forward to helping people feel and look their best with the aesthetic and wellness services he and his team offer at Ketamine Therapy Texas. He now provides Ketamine Infusion Therapy to continue his dedication to improving the health of his patients. His work in Emergency Medicine has lead him to firsthand experience the positive and effective changes ketamine therapy can create. 

Dr. Mattingly attended undergraduate school at Aquinas College in Michigan, where he was part of the prestigious TriBeta national honor society. Prior to attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, he was a graduate assistant at Western Michigan University’s Physician Assistant school teaching regional anatomy, where he completed his MBA. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine in North Jersey, where he served as chief resident in his final year.


Dr. Mattingly and his team provide excellent service and care…The office is always clean, professional, and I can’t recommend it enough. Dr. Mattingly goes the extra mile every time to make sure his patients are taken care of, comfortable, and are happy with the results.

Aarron D.

Dr. Mattingly is an amazing physician! He has taken care of myself and my family, multiple times. He is compassionate, empathetic and dedicated to the quality care that he provides.

Katy B.

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