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Ketamine Therapy Texas 

Patients choose Ketamine Therapy Texas as their ketamine clinic provider because we are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment that meets each patient’s individual needs. Our clinic is located in the beautiful Conroe, Texas area, providing affordable ketamine infusions to achieve optimal results. Our program, led by Dr. Joe Mattingly a board-certified physician, prioritizes safety, empathy, and professionalism. We are committed to creating cost-effective ketamine treatment plans for patients in Conroe, Woodlands, and the surrounding Houston, TX areas.

The head of Ketamine Therapy Texas is the renowned Dr. Joseph Mattingly. He is a board-certified physician. The Dr. has a special interest in aesthetics, health and fitness. He can provide intramuscular injections as well as ketamine IV infusions. Dr. Mattingly and the staff are always eager to help patients obtain optimal wellness through ketamine infusion therapy. Through his many years of experience, Dr. Joseph Mattingly has seem the effectiveness of ketamine therapy. 

Doctor Mattingly was part of the prestigious TriBeta National honor society while he attended undergraduate school at Aquinas College in Michigan. He served as chief resident in North Jersey during his final year where he also completed his residency in emergency. Call or visit Ketamine Therapy Texas today so Dr. Mattingly and his staff can provide you with the best treatment available.